November 7, 2017 E-vote by NCDA Board

Move to accept the amended DACA statement requested by the Committee on Diversity Initiatives and Cultural Inclusion

November 7, 2017

NCDA Board of Directors E-vote

Move to accept the amended DACA statement requested by the Committee on Diversity Initiatives and Cultural Inclusion:

Moved by: Lisa Severy; Second by Brian Hutchison  Motion Passed 12-0-1


NCDA Statement Regarding Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA)

In early September 2017, changes to the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) Program were announced which will result in the dissolution of the program within six months without Congressional intervention. DACA intentionally provided undocumented children qualifying in the program with major opportunities by granting them legal rights to work and to remain safely in the United States.

Ending DACA will result in displacement, barriers to career development, increased mental health issues, decreased wellness outcomes, and economic hardship to communities and industries. Many career practitioners and NCDA members serve students, clients, and associated family and community members directly impacted by the changes to the DACA program. This change stands as a human rights issue since many individuals and communities supported under the program rely on access to work and careers as a means of survival and not simply of choice. Additionally, the changes will affect approximately 800,000 individuals, increase their risk of deportation, and decrease their safety.

NCDA and the Committee on Diversity Initiatives and Cultural Inclusion stand opposed to the dissolution of the DACA Program and advocate for the human rights of DREAMers (individuals protected under DACA). Given the evolution of career development as a form of advocacy for diverse and marginalized individuals to receive opportunities for work, an economic standard of living, and development, this statement aligns with the NCDA Code of Ethics, the NCDA Minimum Competencies for Multicultural Career Counseling, the Nondiscrimination Statement, and the newly endorsed NCDA Diversity Statement. These resources can be found on the NCDA website under Standards. We, as an organization, advocate for the rights, human dignity, and means for the survival and well-being of marginalized individuals.

Any member who wishes to join in dialogue and action regarding this or any issue related to diversity and equity in career development is welcome to join the Committee by emailing co-chairs Christian Chan (chanchr2@isu.edu) and Melissa Fickling (mfickling@niu.edu).


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